Waste Tips Near Lutterworth

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Waste Tips Near Lutterworth

When you need to get rid of old timber, building materials, furniture, white goods and other items, the best option is to recycle them, rather than leaving them in the garden or putting them outside for collection. Below are a list of some of the waste tips nearest to Lutterworth.

Lutterworth Recycling and Household Waste Site
Located in Moorbarns Lane, Lutterworth, LE17 4QJ, this site accepts things like car batteries, hardcore and soil (with applicable charges), paper, plasterboard (with charges), flat glass (with charges),  scrap metal and more. Opening hours are Monday 9-5pm, Thursday to Sunday 9-5pm and is closed on Tuesday and Wednesday

 Barwell Recycling and Household Waste Site
You can find this site at Stapleton Lane, Barwell, LE9 8HE, with opening hours of 9-5pm Wednesday to Sunday and is closed on Monday and Tuesday. Some of the items accepted include car batteries, low energy bulbs, carpets, mattresses, TVs, monitors, wood, white goods, small appliances and fridges and freezers.

Market Harborough Recycling and Household Waste Site
The address of this waste site is Riverside, Market Harborough, LE16 7PT. Opening hours are Monday to Wednesday 9-5pm, Saturday to Sunday 9-5pm and closed Thursday and Friday. They accept similar to the above sites, and while they can accept bric a brac, they are not able to recycle it and will just be disposed in general waste.

Oadby Recycling and Household Waste Site
You can visit the Oadby site between the hours of 9-5pm, Monday to Wednesday and 9-5pm Saturday and Sunday. The site is closed Thursday and Friday. The address is Wigston Road, Oadby, LE2 5JE and it accepts many of the same items as above, including foil, food tins, drink cans, clothes and more.

Whetstone Recycling and Household Waste Site
Whestone is one of the most accessible sites in the region, with opening hours of 9-5pm, Monday to Sunday, so locals always have an option when other sites are closed. The address is Enderby Rd, Whetstone, LE8 6JL and as with other sites pre-booked appointments are required. It accepts the standard type of waste, including cement bonded asbestos (with applicable charges included).

It is great for building supplies waste such as plaster and plasterboard, hardcore and soil  (all with charges) and both wood and paint. It will accept old timber decking and fence panels but not creosote treated railway sleepers


Barwell Recycling and Household Waste Site

Visit the Barwell waste site at Stapleton Lane, Barwell, LE9 8HE, which is open for 5 days of the week. Monday and Tuesday the site is closed before opening Wednesday through Sunday from 9-5pm. As with other sites, vehicles with trailers can visit with an appointment on Thursday or Saturday mornings

Somerby Recycling and Household Waste Site
The Somerby site is only open for two days of the week, closing Tuesday through Saturday and opening on Monday and Sunday between 9-5pm. You will find the site at Knossington Road Somerby, LE14 2QP. As per the rules on other sites, cars must be off-site by closing time and pedestrian access is not permitted.

Mountsorrel Recycling and Household Waste Site
The Mountsorrel site is to the north of the city centre and is located at 20 Granite Way, Mountsorrel
LE12 7TZ. Opening hours are good, with the appointment slots available between 9-5pm, Monday to Sunday. Similar to other sites, only a maximum of two adults per vehicle are allowed at any one time.

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